Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some New Things!!

 So recently So I order a couple of new outfits (some are from black Friday, some more recent) that I never got a chance to share, so here they are!

The first one: PWP Holiday Sweater 
It was only available for the holiday 2012 season, and I just recently bought it from an Ebay seller.
I absolutely love it; the colors are bright and cheerful, but it still has the winter feel to it. The sweater and headband are both made from thick, knitted fabric. The sweater had usable buttons on the front, and no zipper or Velcro. The headband is a piece of knitted fabric.

Can't wait to try it on Caroline!

The next 3 items I have purchased towards the end of the last year.

Frosty Party Dress: 

Outfit included a blue sweater, silver skirt, matching flats and a hair bow headband.

Okay, may I just start off by saying how gorgeous this dress looks on Caroline/Karolina??? I especially adore the headband on her.
The skirt poufs out just a little, and overal I say it's a great outfit.
What's even better is that I got it on the Cyber Monday sale, for (I believe), $18 !!
Well- worth the buy! Doesn't she look simple gorgeous in blue?
This dress became Karolina's Christmas and new year outfit.

Lastly, I was able to purchase Mckenna's Fancy Dress and Cozy Sweater Outfit, which I dedicated to Karina (fka Kanani).

I had some doubts about Mckenna's fancy dress because I heard from other collectors that the dress only looks good on a few dolls & the quality is not up to par. Regardless, I thought the dress was cute and bought it for my Karina.
It looks a lot better than I imagined! I especially adore the hair price. The shoes have a little heel on them, so it makes it harder for the dolls to stand, but I still am really into this outfit.

Note: The day I took the photos had limited sun, and I had to use flash on my camera. Thus the photo quality is not the best. I took an extra photo just for light comparison, intended for a better viewing of the hair piece.

The Sweater Outfit: 
I have been into this outfit for some time now, and I'm glad that I got it. I'm pleased with the way it looks on Karina. The shoes are similar to the Sweetheart PJs; it's really similar to slippers. 
The outfit came with a headband, and in the photos I used it as a pony tail holder >:D ( although it looks good as a regular headband!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Birthday Surprise:)

My birthday was on Tuesday, and I was able to receive beautiful Caroline :)
She's so gorgeous! I think she's one of the prettiest dolls AG has ever made. Her hair is a bleach blonde in cute curls, and her eye color is so unique, it's like an aquamarine blue.

I'm either going to make her a Ukrainian or Bulgarian character. So far my names are: Olya, Andrea, & Gergana.

She is literally the prettiest doll I have ever seen. I'll post more about her later, but I give her an A+++

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rebecca Rubin

Rebecca is my 2nd doll whom I got her back in 2009, right after her release. I was so happy that AG made a Russian character that I immediately had to get her. She is the first and only doll that I have with the Josefina mold. Her eyes are a beautiful decal hazel, and her hair is in waves with a chestnut tint. I like Rebecca's hair but personally I find it gets frizzy very easily.

Honestly, I want to create a new character for Rebecca, but I am still in the process of it. I have gone through a wide variety of names: Riva, Rifka, Raisa...Just can't decide yet!

Rebecca is wearing Mckenna's School outfit in the photos on the top and bottom. The outfit is super cute; I especially love the sweater, although at first I found it an awkward fit. It is really such a cute outfit and I'm really glad I bought it now that Mckenna's items are selling out.

Well, this is all for now...You'll be hearing more from Rebecca and my attempts at developing her character:) 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Karina Nuriyeva

Karina Irekovna Nuriyeva
, formally known as Kanani, is my third doll (after Kit & Rebecca) and first non-historical. I love her so much! I have to admit, she pretty much is my favorite =) 

Her Background: 
Karina is a modern girl; she was born in Kazakhstan to a Russian mother, and a Tartar father of Turkish decent. She has two older brothers that currently study in university (one in Moscow, the other in Astana), and so she's the only girl and the baby of the family. Karina loves shopping, and her family's influential financial situation allows her all the fabulous clothes she desires. Although occasionally she can be a little empty-headed, Karina is a genius when it comes to maths, and has amazing problem-solving skills. She loves adventures and traveling; She has even gone to Dominican Republic with us! Karina really strands apart from my other dolls, she is very unique. Her personality is optimistic and glamorous; she loves nothing more than visiting her babushka in St. Petersburg. In her free time, Karina enjoys relaxing, shopping and taking care of herself. Her favorite outfit is the Sweet Savannah dress (shown pictured on top left) 

Karina's Adventure:
In August of 2012, Karina was able to join my family on a vacation to La Romana, Dominican Republic. Despite her fear of water, she was able to join us on our snorkeling adventures; we visited the beach, and explored around. Overall, it was a fun vacation filled with many exciting experiences. Karina was able to experience a complete different culture and took a whole bunch of photos! 

What do you think of the photos?
Karina absolutely loves taking photos! Almost everywhere we went, we had to take a couple shots. She just looks so completely gorgeous, & I'm so glad that I was able to get her last year.

While Karina loves the beach, warm weather & the sun, her favorite season is winter; it is reminiscent of her native Kostanay. It's only November, but Karina is already planning her snowy adventures! She's all dressed up and ready for the next snowfall, and she's even more ready for our holiday, Novi Gode, or New Years. It is Karina's favorite holiday! It is also our version of Christmas, when Ded Maroz delivers presents, and we decorate a tree, listen to Russian music and countdown to the New Year's!
Karina can't wait =)