Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rebecca Rubin

Rebecca is my 2nd doll whom I got her back in 2009, right after her release. I was so happy that AG made a Russian character that I immediately had to get her. She is the first and only doll that I have with the Josefina mold. Her eyes are a beautiful decal hazel, and her hair is in waves with a chestnut tint. I like Rebecca's hair but personally I find it gets frizzy very easily.

Honestly, I want to create a new character for Rebecca, but I am still in the process of it. I have gone through a wide variety of names: Riva, Rifka, Raisa...Just can't decide yet!

Rebecca is wearing Mckenna's School outfit in the photos on the top and bottom. The outfit is super cute; I especially love the sweater, although at first I found it an awkward fit. It is really such a cute outfit and I'm really glad I bought it now that Mckenna's items are selling out.

Well, this is all for now...You'll be hearing more from Rebecca and my attempts at developing her character:) 

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